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311 votes Vote

Download to network folder

Could you add the possibility to let us change download directory to network location? Would be perfect to dl straight to my nas :-)
jimmy hansen, 03.01.2014, 11:50
148 votes Vote

option to stop seeding after completion

It would be good to be able to stop seeding a torrent after it has finished downloading, configurable at the RSS feed level. If you have set up RSS feeds to auto download torrents, you may want some to continue seeding indefinately after the...
Gary, 25.06.2013, 20:40
119 votes Vote

Fix the UI, bring back the tick boxes, it's faster.

Push and hold to select a file is much much slower than just ticking a few boxes down the edge of the screen. The UI is slower and less fluid than the previous version. Or is there an option for paid users to rollback to a previous version?
steve skinner, 14.05.2015, 07:34
106 votes Vote

Web interface Speed ​​statistics

Suggested adding Web interface speed statistics, and multi-torrent upload function
bunco, 19.05.2014, 14:13
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98 votes Vote

please hear me out! (SEARCH ENGINE IS BACK!)

what if I told you that you can bring back the search engine plugin support back! yes you can, in fact there is an app that is already doing that in secret !!! its called Flud. the trick is to support using the search engine in your app without...
AK2H, 22.10.2017, 09:10
87 votes Vote

Know the size of the files in a torrent file

When adding a new torrent that has many files inside, it only lists the names without desplaying the size which is sometimes needed for many pro users like me. Thanks.
alghorabaa, 01.07.2015, 01:15
78 votes Vote

Password protection, in case someone picks up my phone

I don't want others to know what I am downloading. So password protect it before opening, even if it is running in the background. Then I don't have to worry if someone picks up my phone.
Response from the site administrator
tag, 01.01.2016
It is possible to add this protection, but the downloaded files will be still accessible from a filebrowser.
Keith, 08.03.2013, 17:13
77 votes Vote

set download/upload limit based on network

Would be nice to be able to set different download/upload speed limits based on if I'm connected to a WiFi connection or my carriers network.
Tony, 17.01.2013, 15:35
74 votes Vote

Pre-allocate all files

Create a file the size of the file you’re downloading full of dummy data the moment you start the download
Derlis, 03.07.2014, 14:30
71 votes Vote

enrich the web interface

I suggest to enrich the web interface with more information and functionality.
Fabrizio Diodati, 19.05.2014, 09:23
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67 votes Vote

Add a visible upload/download speed graph tab

Similar to uTorrent, like this:
Victor, 01.07.2013, 05:11
65 votes Vote

add another search engine... whhich is or any variation of torrentz is very useful for searching of a torrent because it contains information about 99% of torrent online.... Hope you can understand it and act accordingly.
Tasawwur Ahmad Naseem , 26.05.2015, 07:33
62 votes Vote

torrent file association

After last update, I can't directly open torrent file to tTorrent through my default file manager. tTorrent doesn't listed in apps that can open torrent files. I have to use tTorrent filebrowser for this. This doesn't happen before update
christantoan, 15.11.2015, 07:42
58 votes Vote

cloud support

Add a feature to watch a drive/drop box folder for downloads
richardxtc, 05.10.2013, 21:32
54 votes Vote

allow an option to save the data in sd card

The data whatever we download is too there must be an option to download it to an external sd card specially on android version of KITKAT 4.4.4
Ashish Saini, 23.12.2014, 23:36
53 votes Vote

Option where wi-fi is turned off when downloads complete

It would be nice to have that option, it would save some battery. It could also be used for 3g/4g ect..
Frank, 17.09.2013, 10:32
52 votes Vote

Alternative speed limit settings

Like in Transmission, you can set your alternative speed limits. And when you need just turn on/off with one easy click, or it works between scheulded time. The switch button will be next to the search button or something, and it light when ON.
Gábor Implom, 24.08.2013, 06:34
47 votes Vote

Sort search results by date.

I find that the default results sort of number of peers isn't so useful. In KickAssTorrents on the computer I almost always want to search with newest results listed first because I want the latest episode(s) of something. Would be great if I...
Al, 24.09.2013, 05:58
46 votes Vote


After downloading a torrent and it's finished, and I have selected to seed a few torrents and it shows uploading speed, but next to it it only shows 0 bytes uploaded?? I belong with IPTorrents and would like to see this fixed as if like to fix my...
CH1EF, 04.02.2015, 17:57
1 comment
44 votes Vote

Label support in Transdroid

It would be great if label support was implemented in the remote protocol so that they could be used in Transdroid.
Viktor, 07.12.2014, 16:38
44 votes Vote

tasker integration

Add the possibility of controlling ttorrent with tasker: performing a search of a torrent, return of the results in variables, download of a selected torrent, etc
Nachete, 11.12.2014, 23:15
1 comment
44 votes Vote

make away to sort and priority

Make away to sort files by name, by size or date added, and could also allow that to be priority. Example you have 20 movies/clip torrents and you want to download from smallest to biggest file size.
joshr, 22.05.2015, 04:14
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43 votes Vote

Option to make visible your active speed limit

If i have any active bandwitdh limit its appear after the current Download/Upload speed. In the app and on notification bar too. Example: ↓D:0b/s [100kb/s] ↑U:0b/s [50kb/s] or when only upload limit ↓D:0b/s ↑U:0b/s [50kb/s]
Gábor Implom, 24.08.2013, 07:03
42 votes Vote

Feature: editable destination folder name

Currently files are downloaded into {path_user_chose}/{torrent_name}/. I guess it would be handy to be able to edit the parent folder ({torrent_name}) name.
111, 05.06.2013, 12:13
1 comment
40 votes Vote

Set size limit on rss automatic downloads

Normally there are too large files that could leave us without space and cause a problem in a private trackers, limiting this would not happen
reserva, 22.01.2020, 08:03
39 votes Vote

shutdown of the device

Automatic shutdown of the device after the download is complete.
marina, 19.10.2014, 13:47
39 votes Vote

official website for apk download just like uc browser (

official website for apk download just like uc browser ( ttorrent pro should also provide this facility in 2G connection downloading from play store is difficult
pgangwani35, 10.05.2015, 14:31
38 votes Vote

speed limiter for individual torrents must be added

pranjal, 20.08.2013, 08:14
37 votes Vote

Add seed number and file health to search criteria

Add the minimum acceptable seed number and file health (if possible) to the search criteria. This would allow finding files that will download the fastest.
mlibby, 09.10.2015, 15:34
37 votes Vote

Set upload cap/limit

The gist : 1.Option for UL cap/limit based off, preferably, % of DL 2.Announcement of UL cap reached similar to finished DL 3.Option to shutdown app after capis reached As a daily user of tTorrent pro, the only thing I've been hoping to...
Response from the site administrator
tag, 07.09.2015
1. is done
Tyler Carpenter, 04.08.2013, 11:39

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