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Set upload cap/limit

The gist :

1.Option for UL cap/limit based off, preferably, % of DL
2.Announcement of UL cap reached similar to finished DL
3.Option to shutdown app after capis reached

As a daily user of tTorrent pro, the only thing I've been hoping to see added is an upload cap added so I could set the client up to download a torrent, then upload it to set amount, and then pause it. I prefer to seed every torrent, but between a busy schedule and short memory, I either let tTorrent run constantly, which is very taxing on battery life, or have to shutdown the program before I've hit my UL preference, which I prefer to not do given I move everything to its appropriate location nightly. Also, if there were away for it to announce once it's hit it's cap similar to DLs being finished so it would automatically shutdown the app, or at least I could be notified that I needed to, that would be a huge plus. Thank you

Tyler Carpenter , 04.08.2013, 11:39
Response from the site administrator
tag, 07.09.2015
1. is done
Idea status: under consideration


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