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Fix the UI, bring back the tick boxes, it's faster.

Push and hold to select a file is much much slower than just ticking a few boxes down the edge of the screen. The UI is slower and less fluid than the previous version.
Or is there an option for paid users to rollback to a previous version?

steve skinner , 14.05.2015, 08:34
Idea status: under consideration


Sherry, 03.06.2015, 13:49
He is right
dli7319, 22.06.2015, 22:22
You can just click on them now. You only need to hold on the first one in the selection.
Duarte, 17.02.2016, 13:25
Why hold when you could just click?!
pgangwani35, 09.04.2016, 23:09
the tick boxes is really fast and even good also

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