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Password protection, in case someone picks up my phone

I don't want others to know what I am downloading. So password protect it before opening, even if it is running in the background. Then I don't have to worry if someone picks up my phone.

Keith , 08.03.2013, 17:13
Response from the site administrator
tag, 01.01.2016
It is possible to add this protection, but the downloaded files will be still accessible from a filebrowser.
Idea status: under consideration


pgangwani35, 10.05.2015, 14:31
agree with u they should provide
Adam, 03.07.2015, 16:02
or download LOCX: App lock
Pron, 16.09.2015, 00:38
Afraid of p0rn?
Pretzel40k, 23.04.2016, 07:01
There are other apps that will provide this functionality because you would also need to lock down all file managers. Dont forget to disable notification for the app aswell.
The best and easiest option would just be to add security (passcode/pattern/face recognition/fingerprint) to your lockscreen.

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