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Option to make visible your active speed limit

If i have any active bandwitdh limit its appear after the current Download/Upload speed. In the app and on notification bar too.
Example: ↓D:0b/s [100kb/s] ↑U:0b/s [50kb/s] or when only upload limit ↓D:0b/s ↑U:0b/s [50kb/s]

Gábor Implom , 24.08.2013, 07:03
Idea status: under consideration


RedArmy20, 15.03.2016, 03:39
With the English not being the best here I hope you mean that you would like to have your upload/download speed visible all the time in the notification bar whilst the app is being used, even if it is just running in the background. It would help to show if there was an error for example or some other problem. I use Network monitor mini pro for that reason but having to use a separate app surely must use more cpu resources and more battery etc than having it built into the app and as a setting you can turn on or off as per your own requirements. I love your app and I would also like to have the tick boxes back as it makes it much easier and simpler to use the app especially for people without much tech knowledge. I know I had to show my friend how to select a torrent so he could remove more than 1 at once. Without the boxes it's not clear at all to many people. All in all tho it's a great app. The best by far I've come across and well worth the money! Also being able to increase the number of open connections etc in settings would be good too. Being able to set the same number of options available in utorrent network settings would be great, maybe as a special option for advanced users that needs an agreement box ticked so you accept any liability for changes that don't work. It's already the most advanced torrent app anyway so why not let us geeks be able to tailor it even more to our requirements. Thanks for reading and if it's better that this should go into a different section then please move it moderators or leave a comment and I'll start a new thread myself.
RedArmy20, 15.03.2016, 03:59
I've created a thread about upload /download speed being shown in notification bar whilst app is open/running in background at all times. This is the link :-http://ttorrent.idea.informer.com/proj/?ia=102068

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