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allow an option to save the data in sd card

The data whatever we download is too huge....so there must be an option to download it to an external sd card specially on android version of KITKAT 4.4.4

Ashish Saini , 23.12.2014, 23:36
Idea status: under consideration


daniel cain, 22.08.2015, 17:53
I know Kit Kat has limitation on SD card w/r ... But are you telling me that the ones who designed that are smarter than you and you can't find ways to bypass it?
Al Binewski, 15.12.2015, 22:23
Actually, there is this:
but ttorrent is set to detect KK and disable it anyway. I posted an idea asking for a fix, hope one will be made.
Roginkulet, 21.08.2016, 22:17
You can actually change the download destination in settings. Good Lord why you have to debate whether which www tells you how to manage your own folder,? As long as you have 4.1.1 android to 5.1.1 android set the destination folder in SD card and that's it.
nobody perfect, 12.02.2018, 13:21
actually, this problem is real and the reason why í found this page at all.

i prefer to use my old kitkat, and decided for an OTHER torrenting client, which is, as i found out just now, not as rich as tT, my now-preferred.
the problem doesn't exist for marshmallow, if you injected the SD in your system, ounly (and who would do that ...) if you've configured the freshly inserter sd as movable media, in which case it is mounted as a filesystem of its own, instead of being insertet (seamlessly) in the directory tree.
so yes, i think this option to save the downstream to any media, would be good for anybody, like with USB-OTG-drives, and haven't been there a google-driver to add samba-drives in android just as 'normal' mountpoint? 'cause if so, then this very option would meet idea #1 (atm): add nas-access ...

so pwees, wid shuga an' cweem: ADD THIS OPTION FOR OTHER MEDIA BUT THE SYSTEM-SD, thank you.

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