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please hear me out! (SEARCH ENGINE IS BACK!)

what if I told you that you can bring back the search engine plugin support back!
yes you can, in fact there is an app that is already doing that in secret !!!
its called Flud.
the trick is to support using the search engine in your app without adding the ability to download Transdroid Search Engine directly from tTorrent.
an alternative way to make the users alerted to it and to download it is by putting the download button in your website instead of in-app download, this way google play wont have anything against you.
please believe me, I wish I could post screenshot as evidence,
if you still want to double check respond to my e-mail so I can send you a proof.
OR you can just install transdroid search engine from F-droid and install Flud app and head over to settings ---> interface ---> default search engine.
and there you have it you will see good old search engine included!
I really love your app but I stopped using it nearly from a month becuse the last version that supported the search plugin is over a year and a half old now!

AK2H, 22.10.2017, 09:10
Idea status: under consideration


MR.ROBOT, 24.11.2018, 09:44
1 year later and still Search Engine support is not added ....
MariusKarlsen, 19.03.2019, 12:07
What is going on with this project?
Me, 21.04.2019, 16:02
Splendid idea!

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