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option to stop seeding after completion

It would be good to be able to stop seeding a torrent after it has finished downloading, configurable at the RSS feed level. If you have set up RSS feeds to auto download torrents, you may want some to continue seeding indefinately after the download is complete, whilst torrents from a different feed you may want to stop once they are complete (ie private vs public tracker).

Gary , 25.06.2013, 20:40
Idea status: under consideration


T. Zanahary, 04.08.2013, 12:02
Please don't only seed while downloading, try seeding 1:1 at the least if you can, it's only right to share what's been shared.

And stop using whilst, it's outdated, unneeded, and pretentious.

pgangwani35, 10.05.2015, 14:37
go in
set max. active seeds
mark peter ifi, 15.01.2016, 21:09
seeding limits are now implemented.(haven't tested them myself)
God, 20.04.2016, 17:53
NO! Bad idea.

Torrent is supposed to be shared. What you're suggesting is leeching, which should be prohibited.

People with excuses such as isp with upload limits etc should get a life and stop torrenting because they aren't helping anyone except being selfish.
RiBob23, 06.05.2016, 20:34
Seed only over Wi-Fi not while using mobile data
Jitendra, 04.04.2017, 17:49
Seed only over wifi thats the only improvement needed
Qwerty, 03.09.2017, 09:24
please correct the time display before the download is complete in the Ukrainian language. It is displayed in a few lines and not informative at all.
ProphetZarquon, 11.10.2018, 17:35
1) This is already done & should be removed from this list. (Max active seeds setting)

2) Not nearly as important as the fact that torrents with : in a filename are currently impossible to resume or recheck, resulting in duplicate files that reduce storage space to 0bytes! That can RUIN flash memory!

Please vote for this very major bug to be fixed.

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