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To developer

I would like to be able to directly write to my sd card, now that ive updated to lollipop android os And it can now grant permission to directly write about o it I think now that many apps is using this feature so does this apps will to And...
Bradd, 16.06.2015, 11:11
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Will the program collating option? example: CELL -> The program creates subfolders Similarly utorrent or qtorrent.
koxaman, 15.10.2013, 16:23
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Support for mnt/extsdcard/ missing

As support for mnt/extsdcard/ are missing iifind it rather pointless to spend money however good the program are, when i can find free clients that does the same but has the extsdcard support.
Response from the site administrator
Hunnenkoenig, 16.03.2013
Daniel, 15.01.2013, 19:56
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Android 4.3 and Nexus 10 support

It will be great to fix issue for android 4.3. I can't use your applet on my Nexus 10 anymore due to crash it evry time when app start.
Jan Novak, 04.10.2013, 11:48
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Folders for RSS feed

Please download folder option for each RSS feed
Antonio, 15.05.2014, 22:34
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Opening files from tTorrent interface

Would be useful to open the files inside torrents from within tTorrent interface. There are 2 options: 1) Torrent menu => "Explore torrent folder"; this could be performed either in internal file explorer or a system default one. The action...
lanos, 08.08.2013, 10:46

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