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Show all the peers.

Able to show All the peers who is seeding the torrent for you.
Tyler Martin, 22.04.2013, 04:05
21 votes Vote

Set download folder in per rss feed

When creating a RSS feed, it would be really useful to set the download path for this rss, so automatic downloads from different rss feeds don´t get missed up in the same folder
Fernando, 23.07.2013, 20:47
17 votes Vote

Blacklist wifi networks

This is the best client for torrents but sometimes I forget it on and go to work. Got a letter from sys admin telling me to not use office wifi for torrents. I'd like to blacklist my office wifi
Response from the site administrator
tag, 01.01.2016
Actually there is a whitelist implementation now.
Devanir , 18.05.2015, 03:54
15 votes Vote

edit search text after selection from history

When a search doesn't return the results you hoped for, it'd be nice to be able tot edit the text selected from the history list in order to refine results or correct a typo before hitting the search button. Now you're condemned to retype the...
Patrick , 17.03.2013, 22:17
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14 votes Vote

two search for torrents folders

I download music and films, I do put the torrent in the search folder and auto download in my default folder. Films and music are mixed. My idea is a search folder to download in music folder(default 1) and other search folder to download in my...
Response from the site administrator
tag, 18.05.2015
this can be done with labels now
Antonio, 26.03.2013, 09:10
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12 votes Vote

control ttorrent from notification bar

Start/ pause and shutdown buttons from notification bar like the music apps
Nasser Ahmad, 01.07.2013, 18:04
12 votes Vote

Add Pause/Resume all to notification

An option to quickly pause/ resume all downloads alongside shutdown would quickly allow users to pause /resume without opening the app. This option is already available in other clients.
Slax, 18.06.2015, 21:11
11 votes Vote

Creating torrent in tTorrent

Adoft this feature of creating our own torrent from our files in android devices.I am fan of yours,hope till the next update you will adopt this feature.
Pawan Vishwakarma, 03.05.2013, 06:47
11 votes Vote

Feature: move files to another folder

Would be nice to have ability to move downloaded files to another folder. Use case: imagine we have some new videos downloaded to /sdcard/Downloads. Then we watched these videos and want them to lay in /sdcard/Movies/Fun/Cats/ but also want to...
Dale, 23.05.2013, 12:35
11 votes Vote

implement a Scheduler

The idea is to create a option/setting where you schedule tTorrent to only download certain times of the day to ease traffic for browsing and speeding up the download you have lined up
Clint, 28.05.2015, 00:22
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8 votes Vote

auto or button to repeat last search w/next engine

When search fails to return a result, this button or some kind of auto setting would just move to the next engine, search again until we wrapped around back to the engine we started with. This could be a premium feature, as the lite version...
Darnley, 15.03.2013, 13:53
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6 votes Vote

List of recent destinations in "Download to" dlg

It could be useful if tTorrent added some number of recent destination folders to the dropdown list in "Download to" dialog. Now it lists the mounted devices only and you have to select your desired path again and again.
lanos, 22.08.2013, 15:04
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6 votes Vote

Default Sequential Download to True - as an option

One feature I would like to ask for. Have a "Default to Sequential Download" on. I love this feature, but its a pain to have to check every download. Keep up the good work. I love this feature and want it on everything all the time.
Response from the site administrator
tag, 10.10.2014
It will be never on by default, but in 1.4.0 you can enable it when you add the torrent/magnet.
Jimmie, 02.01.2014, 15:45
6 votes Vote

Add a Play/Stop button for all downloads

in the app and the notifications bar
mick903, 16.04.2015, 13:52
6 votes Vote

unselected files are downloaded

unselected files are downloaded 》for example I am downloading movie and I have only selected full movie. After Downloading completed SAMPLE of that movie is down loaded was the best version of torrent pro after many problems rises
pgangwani35, 21.05.2015, 06:49
5 votes Vote

support to download to external hard drive

I tried to download to external but just wouldn't download is this possible to do
Response from the site administrator
Hunnenkoenig, 24.07.2013
This is already available from the beginning. Please read the FAQ on the PRO app's Google Play page.
festa, 18.03.2013, 08:48
5 votes Vote

never turn off the screen

I wanted to add a function - never turn off the screen. In my android tv box no battery and energy should not be saved, and permanent shutdown screens are very annoying
Response from the site administrator
tag, 10.10.2014
There is already a keep screen on option in the settings.
Serg T, 04.07.2014, 03:34
5 votes Vote

To developer

I would like to be able to directly write to my sd card, now that ive updated to lollipop android os And it can now grant permission to directly write about o it I think now that many apps is using this feature so does this apps will to And...
Bradd, 16.06.2015, 11:11
4 votes Vote


Will the program collating option? example: CELL -> The program creates subfolders Similarly utorrent or qtorrent.
koxaman, 15.10.2013, 16:23
4 votes Vote

Support for mnt/extsdcard/ missing

As support for mnt/extsdcard/ are missing iifind it rather pointless to spend money however good the program are, when i can find free clients that does the same but has the extsdcard support.
Response from the site administrator
Hunnenkoenig, 16.03.2013
Daniel, 15.01.2013, 19:56
4 votes Vote

Android 4.3 and Nexus 10 support

It will be great to fix issue for android 4.3. I can't use your applet on my Nexus 10 anymore due to crash it evry time when app start.
Jan Novak, 04.10.2013, 11:48
4 votes Vote

Folders for RSS feed

Please download folder option for each RSS feed
Antonio, 15.05.2014, 22:34
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3 votes Vote

Opening files from tTorrent interface

Would be useful to open the files inside torrents from within tTorrent interface. There are 2 options: 1) Torrent menu => "Explore torrent folder"; this could be performed either in internal file explorer or a system default one. The action...
lanos, 08.08.2013, 10:46

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